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"We Ingest; enabling your best."

IT Management

We introduce centralised management to your business IT systems.


Updates are critical, but they can also cause interruptions if they are not planned for and even worse if ignored.


We offer our expertise by discretely performing any updates and upgrades during off peek times, preventing disruption and keeping your systems current.

Health Monitoring

Up time can be a crucial part of your business and any time your systems need to be sent in for repair can cause multiple days of backlog and frustration.

Our remote management solution allows us to follow real-time alerts and warnings about your systems, enabling us to plan for future repairs and downtime before they become bigger issues.


Take out all the mystery and jargon and know the health and status of your systems at a glance with easy to read graphs and breakdowns.


Develop and deploy the catered network solution best suited for your business needs.


Networks are the backbone of any great business and like a backbone, networks make or break the "body" of the business;

Too busy, and work cannot be completed in-time and at ease,

too open, and risk a data breach when the wrong traffic gets into the wrong department's hands.

Networks need to be designed to cater to your business, as a supporting measure. While being maintained to keep up with your business demands, each step, as they develop.


Great designs must be planned carefully with the resources and constraints that are available at the time.

All networks installed by Ingest services are carefully and skillfully planned throughout each step, making sure to take the extra level of detail to cater the final deployment within your business needs and constraints as a client.

Network's must be planed for not only the present but future maintenance, ease usability, affordability, scalability and performance.


A network deployment starts the ongoing relationship between our clients and their businesses, as we follow them along their journey as they grow, adapt and develop.

Making sure to grow, adapt and develop their network to cater with their needs, through our remote monitoring, management and on-site or remote servicing services.

Gaining knowledge

Provide you with the necessary training to better, understand and utilise your business IT systems.

Youtube -
Ingest services

Ingest services, wants to enable each of our clients to better understand their systems and better practices, through, transparent and simplified resources, for the everyday user.


This channel is an extension of this philosophy, for on this channel we teach and discuss, Cybersecurity, networking, the basics of IT and business solutions.

Online Training -


"A safer business journey starts with knowledge."


"Boost your team's cybersecurity awareness.
Help your colleagues and company learn how to stay secure – with FREE Cybersecurity Training from ESET, available online right now."


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Ingest services

Keep yourself and your team up to date as we realease new updates about the every developing cyber threatscape, including best practices, new discoveries and how to stay safe online.

Engaging Security

Deploy engaging cybersecurity into your business.

The three biggest Cybersecurity concerns

Data Theft Concerns

All businesses at one point will, handle and store their customers personal data, this data can be used by criminals and your business
may be held responsible.

Can your customers trust you with their data?

How is your business combating this security threat?

The three biggest Cybersecurity concerns


Ransomware encrypts your entire system or part of it and extorts you for a ransom, promising to un-encrypt the contents, with no guarantees.

Even if you believe: "There is nothing worth loosing." You might have overlooked the downtime it will create to rebuild your systems and return to servicing your customers.

What is your business doing to combat this threat?

The three biggest Cybersecurity concerns


A trojan virus will disguise itself and enter through a backdoor, once in, it can unload its malicious payload, wreaking all havoc, all without you even knowing until it is too late.

What does this mean i your business environment, will this create a huge loss in contracts, time or worse grind your business to a complete halt.

What is your business doing to combat this threat?


Routinely complete systems maintenance of all of your business IT systems; hardware to software. Remote and on-site.

Remote Sessions

We can be online and connected at the press of a button, all while chatting to you on the phone, making sure that we update you through the entire process, or, alternately, we can solve the issue in the background without any of your intervention.

Quick support and ease of support, is the highlight.


We can source the most appropriate equipment for your business needs, supporting your business not only through the purchase but after sales, through ongoing support and technical help.

With our 6+ years experience in the IT field, we can effectively repair and upgrade any of your workstation systems with ease, supporting you along the way.


Software can cause just as many issues as failing hardware and needs the same level of technical support. Our level of training and certification helps to enable us to quickly and effectively patch any issues and get you back to working.

Our team has the technical know how, to figure out new and emerging issues as they present themselves. That means, if we haven't seen it before, we will figure it out.

Three, two, one backup.

Implement data security and manage your off-site backup services, for all of your sensitive business files and documents.


In an era of technology, our workstations are our tools and the vehicle for our business, and much like a vehicle, it gets us to places and can become a lifeline at times.

So what happens when this vehicle breaks down, or worse is a write off?

A backup can get your data back into your hands and even be restored to a different machine in time to get you back to business.

Disaster Strikes


You get ready for a packed day of business tasks and deadlines, only to find out, your computer won't turn on, it isn't responding to anything and your client deadline is slipping away.

What do you do?

With Ingest services, we can recover your data to another system, getting you back to work with no fuss.

All while we fix the main computer in the background.

Accidental Deletion

Accidental deletion is a very common problem we are all plagued with today.

What happened to the file?

What happened to the email?

What happened to the draft?

These are all things we will find ourselves facing at one point in business, and the severity of each occurrence depends.

With Ingest services, we can easily roll back to a copy of the file that is missing, quickly and effectively.

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