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Enabling your business to be equipped, robust and ready, for today's ever developing I.T. demands.

- "We ingest, enabling your best." -

We put your clients first

Establishing strong client relationships is crucial to your firm’s success, and nowadays, a smart and focused legal-tech strategy is essential to helping you do so. That’s why we partner with you to ensure the strategy we deploy for your firm augments your legal practice virtually, empowering you to build a high-touch, collaborative client relationship that’s underscored by complete digital trust.

Offering a firm-first digital approach and service delivery

We help implement the IT tools needed to create an environment that’s aligned with your firm’s business and operational goals. For example, staff productivity is vital for any firm to thrive – smoother workdays mean more billable hours and less stress. Overly complex technology can get in the way of both. That’s why our team leverages modern technology that’s both affordable for the firm and more approachable for users – so you can profit by delivering more value to client’s and achieve more without damaging your budget.

Protecting clients from things they can’t see

As business systems become more interconnected, more vulnerabilities emerge too. Your firm’s data,
and therefore often also your clients’ data, is at risk wherever it lives (e.g. mobile devices, laptops, servers). That’s why our IT managed services offer unparalleled protection that defends your endpoints, systems and applications from threats. Essential services we offer include:

• Backup and recovery services
• Post-incident investigation and remediation
• Secure cloud storage
• Vulnerability assessments
• Risk and threat analysis
• Machine intelligence-based antimalware protection
• Developing guidance and policies
• Advising clients on specific use-cases

Five key services to Government Bodies - Managed IT Services

Gain business continuity in any disaster with IT managed services

Many firms struggle to run their own, trust-worthy technology environment. We can give your firm a
predictable IT experience all day, every day, so you can keep delivering for your clients. This includes
ensuring you have a reliable business continuity plan (BCP). An effective BCP keeps your business running
during any crisis or emergency. We consider how you’ll cope with disruption to your file archives, network
and communications, bearing in mind your critical needs, such as how to:

Recover data if the primary source is lost or destroyed (i.e., employ disaster recovery service)
Ensure compliance with your obligations (e.g., privacy laws)
Maintain continued operations despite an outage (e.g., infrastructure services)
Access data from a remote location and remain in contact with your staff no matter what (i.e., system availability)

Why agencies choose us

We ensure their clients and their operational goals
are at the forefront of what we do. Let us know how we can help your firm reach its

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