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Clinical transformation and staff productivity

We help implement tools needed to create an environment that fosters your clinic’s  transformation. Productivity is vital for any practice to thrive. It enables both patients and office teams to benefit from less stress and smoother workdays. Overly complex technology can be one such source of stress for office staff members. Our team makes modern technology simpler and more affordable than ever before, so your office can step up your technology game without straining your budget.

Protect your patients from things they can’t see

As health systems become increasingly connected, the number of potential vulnerabilities also increase in
all of your organisation’s endpoints — including medical devices, wearable medical technology, handheld
devices and personal computers. Our endpoint security solutions offer unparalleled protection for your
endpoints, systems and data

IT service management ensures business continuity in any disaster

Challenged to run a technology environment that your staff can trust? We can help give them a reliable and predictable IT experience all day — every day. But even more importantly, every business in healthcare needs a business continuity plan (BCP). An effective BCP keeps your business running during a crisis or an emergency. No one could have predicted that COVID-19 would wreak havoc to such a great degree, but the organisations that had a healthcare business continuity plan in place may have been in a better position to handle the pandemic’s repercussions head on. We help you build out a plan that outlines how you’ll cope with disruption to your file archives, network and communications:

• Disaster recovery — How to recover data if the primary data is lost or destroyed
Compliance — How to plan on complying with obligations under healthcare privacy laws
• Continued operations — How to keep running during outages
• Availability — How to access data from a remote location, and how to remain in contact with personnel

Ingest services - puts your patient first

Your patients’ expectations are higher than ever. They have embraced technology as a priority means to healthcare delivery. They want access to their health information from any device, anywhere. They want their medical bills to be easy to understand and easy to pay. But most of all, they expect care that’s truly personalised. We are your ally and technology partner in delivering an optimal and personalised experience for your patients.

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