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Digital transformation enables more effective delivery of public services

Governments at all levels are undergoing digital transformation to deliver public services and programs that are more in line with what citizens want: greater efficiency and transparency — whether they are trying to access services online, via an app, or in person. That’s why we identify and implement the tools your agency needs to deliver on its promise to constituents. By leveraging technology strategically in this way, we boost the value to your agency, your team and those you serve.

Protecting your agency and citizens from threats with security and risk management services

You know fellow governmental agencies that have spent millions due to ransomware. So you know that you can’t risk your organisation’s data — or your citizens’ — no matter where it lives. That’s why our essential cybersecurity services offer unparalleled protection that defends your endpoints, systems and data from threats. Essential services we offer include:

Backup and recovery services  Post-incident investigation and remediation  Secure cloud storage
Vulnerability assessments  Risk and threat analysis Machine intelligence-based anti-malware
protection  Developing guidance and policies  Advising clients on specific use cases

Did you Know - fact for Government bodies Cybersecurity

Delivering cybersecurity and data protection — cyber protection — to protect your agency and constituents

Without a modern cybersecurity and compliance regimen aligned to your digital initiatives, you may be exposed to new and increased threats and vulnerabilities that can put your municipality at risk. Our cybersecurity and data protection services are comprehensive — looking at the full scope of what’s required when it comes to delivering a thorough and appropriate approach to cyber protection today. This unique method balances data:

Five key services to Government Bodies - Managed IT Services

Maintain business continuity after any disaster with IT managed services

Every organisation needs an effective business continuity plan (BCP), or a blueprint for keeping your agency running during any crisis or emergency. We consider how you’ll cope with disruption to your file archives, network and communications, bearing in mind your critical needs, such as how to:

Recover data if the primary source is lost or destroyed (i.e., employ disaster recovery service)
Ensure compliance with your obligations (e.g., local privacy laws)
Maintain continued operations despite an outage (e.g., infrastructure services)
Access data from a remote location and remain in contact with personnel — no matter what (i.e., system availability)

Why agencies choose us

Predictable costs with clear performance metrics
Modern, proactive approach to cybersecurity and data protection
Measurable improvement to staff productivity / performance

Our focus on IT speed, scalability and security means that you can
focus on your mission

The events of the Covid-19 pandemic have only increased pressure on governmental agencies to serve the public more efficiently and securely. That’s why having an affordable, outcome-focused IT managed service provider is so essential today.

Our team knows how to leverage best-in-class technology to keep your organisation running at the requisite speed, improve your security posture and help you stay agile so you can better serve the public. Better still, we can ensure you achieve these goals — and beyond — while keeping you on budget.

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