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Our solution takes management from a ground-up approach, built by enthusiasts that care.

We began as a “Break Fix” repair shop based out of Eden, NSW.

As we developed and grew our services, we aimed to better support local
small to medium businesses. We wanted to take an approach that was 
holistic, a ground up approach.

One that took the solution from the break-fix environment that we had known so well, and evolved it, into a managed solution accessible to small and medium businesses, a solution without geo-restrictions, a solution with cybersecurity and IT maintenance at its core.

That solution is: Ingest services

Built and managed by enthusiasts that love their craft, who care.

- "We ingest, enabling your best." -

What Our Clients Say.

“I was setting up my business and needed some urgent assistance with my laptop as it was my only way of doing business at the time. Jordan had the issues fixed quickly for me and professionally. I was made aware of everything that was going to happen and shown how my laptop was fixed when I picked it up...”

Simon Dunn, Owner of "Pink Flamingo Home Loans"

Why choose us?

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